September 14th is a day Marilyn Stanley will not soon forget. On that day, 30-year-old Zachary Gross abused her for over an hour in his Walton, Kentucky home, purportedly over a Facebook post.

She finally grabbed a knife for self defense, but then he set his dog loose on her. As a result, 80% of her scalp was detached from her head and part of her ear was taken off.

Incredibly, Zachary then allegedly forced Marilyn to look at herself in the mirror.

He then drove Marilyn to her mother’s house with some of her scalp in a plastic bag, and dropped her and the bag off in the front yard.


She’s had multiple surgeries to try and fix the damage since the horrific attack.

She’s now out of the hospital and decided to share her story to encourage other victims of domestic abuse that “there is a way out.”

According to Boone County Sheriff’s spokesperson Tom Scheben, Zachary has been charged with assault and harboring a vicious animal.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Marilyn’s medical costs. It’s raised nearly $15,000 as of this morning.