21-year-old internet sensation Stephanie Beaudoin was tried in a Victoriaville, Quebec court last week and pleaded guilty to 30 crimes in a plea deal.

Beaudoin, a nursing student dubbed “The World’s Sexiest Criminal,” apologized for her crimes, which included theft, illegally owning guns, and breaking and entering, among

many others. “Yes, I regret my actions,” she said. “I acted on a whim, and at a bad time.” She added that she was prepared to accept the consequences.

The young woman has been accused of over 114 crimes.

Authorities believe she organized a ring of young teenagers between 13 and 17 years of age to burgle residences around Athabaska and Maple.

Many of these youths are also facing punishment by law. Her next court date is scheduled for Dec. 9th, and lawyers close to the case believe time

in prison is the most likely outcome for Beaudoin. Her maximum possible sentence is for life.