“A New York man coughed on FBI agents and claimed he has the coronavirus on Monday as they arrested him for allegedly lying about the sale of $12,000 worth of medical supplies. Authorities say Baruch Feldheim, 43, of Brooklyn allegedly sold much-needed supplies such as N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment to a New Jersey doctor at 700% markup of their original price. When federal agents confronted him Monday at his home, he lied and said that he worked for a company that bought and sold PPE, according to the U.S. Attorney District of New Jersey’s Office. Prosecutors say Feldheim also falsely said that he didn’t possess large quantities of PPE and that he never sold them directly to individuals. The arrest comes just a few days after NBC New York reported that a desperate New Jersey primary care physician had turned to the black market to get medical supplies he needed in order to protect healthcare workers who are treating COVID-19 patients from the virus. The current shortage of supplies triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic had forced Dr. Alexander Salerno and a growing number of hospitals and other care facilities to turn to untraditional suppliers.” – CNN

WARNING – amazon delivery person spread spit willingly on our package today! Please share!!!!!! I am trying to contact amazon ASAP so please tag amazon if you share this!! I received the box and saw a big wet spot and then checked the camera! Via @mpium March 27, 2020

Amazon has been making moves in the current pandemic, as many have been flocking to the service to order products needed for their home to avoid going outside. However, video footage that surfaced shows people may still be at risk for contracting coronavirus, as an Amazon delivery driver was seen smearing their saliva on to a customer’s package.

The incident reportedly took place in the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles, and shows a delivery man putting his saliva on to a package, then taking a photo of a package as if nothing happened. The situation was captured by a Ring security system, and a neighbor of the resident contacted Amazon about the incident.

Amazons Statement: “This is clearly not representative of drivers who deliver for Amazon and the care they take for customers around the world every day,” an Amazon spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement. “We are aggressively investigating to understand what may have occurred in this situation. If it truly was a malicious act by the driver, we will be sure he is held accountable, up through and including law enforcement action.”


A couple desperate for their Mountain Dew fix ranted at workers who refused to let them stockpile 552 cans of the soft drink. The couple visited the Louisville, Kentucky, Kroger supermarket this week and flew into a rage when workers informed them that they were not allowed to stockpile so much. They were filmed complaining to an employee that they were purposely misinformed about being allowed to return and complete their purchase of 23 cases – a whopping total 552 cans.


In an undercover video obtained by NTD and released for the first time at a recent policy forum on Capitol Hill, a Chinese liver transplant doctor can be seen boasting that he and his team can find the highest quality livers for transplant.

“You can see that the quality of this liver is very good. Look at this liver. This is the best liver ever,” the doctor said.

This video is the latest piece of evidence that supports the 14-year-old horrifying allegation that prisoners of conscience are killed for their organs in China.


A Social Media ‘Influencer’ and total moron named Ava Louise filmed herself licking a plane seat toilet, starting a bizarre “coronavirus challenge.”

Louise said she licked the toilet seat because she was “tired of some b—- named corona getting more publicity than ME.” She added that “hot blondes” can recover from anything so there’s “no harm done.”

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A passenger slapped a female flight attendant around the face AFTER she hit him while he was screaming and spitting in her face.

A two-minute video, posted online, begins with the furious passenger aboard the Brussels Airline flight yelling at a male flight attendant who is trying to restrain him.

‘You don’t put your hands on me!’ he shouted. ‘Calm down!’ the male flight attendant said repeatedly in response.

According to unconfirmed reports online, the altercation was triggered when the passenger wanted to report that his mother was being assaulted by the person seated next to her.



The Victoria Police have not yet said whether they will lay charges against a pair of Melbourne shopkeepers who fought back against a gunman who tried to rob their store.

Police said they are still investigating the circumstances around the attempted robbery.

Store owner Jackie Chen and his son Jason said they were lucky to be alive after a gunman’s firearm allegedly went off as they fought to stop their store being robbed.

A Cook County court judge was removed from the bench after she was seen on video forcing a child in a holding cell behind her courtroom.

Sources told WGN Investigates Jackie Portman-Brown had briefly locked-up the child, who is believed to be a relative, after lecturing her about poor behavior.

The incident occurred on Feb. 19 at the criminal courthouse where Portman-Brown hears adult felony cases.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, WGN Investigates obtained video of the incident which has resulted in the judge being re-assigned to administrative duty.

Security cameras show the child entering Portman-Brown’s courtroom with an unidentified woman. A short time later, cameras covering the holding cell behind the courtroom appear to show the judge and the woman dragging the child out of her courtroom, through a sheriff’s work area, and into a holding cell.

The sheriff’s office digitally covered the child’s face in the video to protect her identity. WGN Investigates was told the child appeared to be between 6 and 8 years old.

Sources said Portman-Brown originally ordered the courtroom deputies to lock the girl up. When they initially refused, Portman-Brown, still wearing her judicial robe, did it herself.

The video shows Portman-Brown bringing the girl into the holding cell followed by a deputy sheriff who locked the cell door. The deputy is seen repeatedly talking to the child while she was locked-up. The unidentified woman also checked on her.

The child is believed to have been locked-up for less than 10 minutes but was described as being “emotional” during the ordeal. Shortly after the episode, Portman-Brown is seen on video leaving for the day with the child and the unidentified woman who brought her. They used a back door reserved for court staff.

It was a full week after the incident occurred before the chief judge learned of it and took action. “Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans [reassigned] judge Jackie Marie Portman-Brown to administrative duty, pending a meeting of the executive committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County on March 4,” said court spokesman Pat Milhizer.

The two deputies, who sources say only reluctantly followed the judge’s orders are also facing scrutiny.

“The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation into the incident to determine whether all policies and procedures were followed by the deputies,” said sheriff’s spokesman Matt Walberg. “Both deputies have been de-deputized and assigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Newly released body cam footage shows Orlando police officer, Dennis Turner, arrested two 6-year-olds in a one-week period in September, among them the girl in the video. He was fired within days of the arrest of the girl shown on the body-camera video.

In the police report from the incident, authorities say Turner was responding to a report that the 6-year-old “battered three staff members by kicking and punching them” at her school, the Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy in Orlando.

The child’s grandmother has previously told local press in Florida that her granddaughter suffers from a sleep disorder the family was working to resolve, which was why she was experiencing some behavioral issues.

The girl was charged with battery, but those charges were not pursued, according to NBC Orlando-affiliate WESH.


The manager of a Georgia nightclub Lizette Loechle has been arrested and fired after the venue allegedly held a party where revelers were encouraged to perform sex acts on a bed that had been placed in the middle of the dancefloor.

The Chiquititas Lounge in Norcross, near Atlanta, held the x-rated event on Valentine’s Day.

Gwinnett County police are conducting an investigation into the alleged ‘inappropriate activity’ inside of the venue. Cops said that ‘extremely graphic’ videos of the night had been circulating on social media.

Three young women from Owensboro have been arrested after allegedly driving an SUV while high and carrying six young children without their seat belts on.

Wednesday evening in Ohio County, Kentucky State Police clocked a speeding white SUV going 27 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Krislon Talbott, 18, of Owensboro, was pulled over on Wednesday after Kentucky State Police clocked her driving 97mph in a 70mph zone, news outlets reported.

A ‘strong odor of marijuana’ was coming from the SUV and Talbott – and two other women in the car – appeared intoxicated, according to state troopers.

Two other women, Peyton Coomes, 19, and Allison Frazier, 20, were also in the vehicle. The pair and Talbott were reportedly jointly babysitting the children.

Troopers say the driver, 18-year-old Krislon Talbott, failed field sobriety tests.

During the tests, troopers say they heard a noise and found three more young children asleep in the rear cargo space.

Talbott and two other adult passengers were arrested and taken to the Ohio County Detention Center.

Social Services took the children who were all under the age of five. Troopers say the women were babysitting them.

All three women were arrested and booked into jail at the Ohio County Detention Center in Hartford.

It was unclear whether they had attorneys who could comment on their behalf.


Vampire Couple trash Kansas Airbnb in two days, leaving behind drug paraphernalia, blood stains and knives sticking into walls

An Airbnb host said his home was trashed after a couple rented a room from him for two days.

Chris Sayegh said he began using the popular site to make extra money, partnering with Airbnb to list a private room in his home on the site.

“I’ve had people come hungover after a party and needed a hotel,” Sayegh said. “New Years, that was crazy, but other than that, this is the first of the first.”

He says his experience renting out a portion of his house changed last week, when a couple left behind drugs, knives in the walls, blood stains around the room and trash.

Sayegh estimated the damage to be upwards of $4,000.

“It was bad. I mean, I had a manic episode, and I was basically cleaning really, really good, and I just cleaned everything, and I just did not stop,” Sayegh said.

Police came and confiscated the drug paraphernalia. That led to the arrest of 29-year-old Rebecca Singh and 23-year-old Joseph Crane.

The pair both face drug possession charges with individual bonds set at $10,000.

A mother of three Emily C. Sparks, 29, of O’Fallon, Illinois is being held in the St. Clair County Jail on three counts of attempted murder, the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s office said.

She has two sons and daughter, ages 3, 5 and 7, who are now being cared for by relatives, O’Fallon police Lt. Nicholas Schmidt said.

Police received a tip that Sparks had planned to kill her children on December and learned that she had purchased a canister of carbon dioxide, Schmidt said.