A Utah woman has been arrested for pretending that her own husband had killed her.

Rebbecca Spring Nielson was taken into custody on Tuesday and is now facing charges of criminal mischief and making a false police report involving death.

Police say the 44-year-old Bluffdale resident became embroiled in a fight with her husband in the early hours of Tuesday morning after learning that he was texting another woman.

She purportedly wrote: ‘I have shot my wife and don’t know what to do’.

The woman replied and asked whether the text message was serious, to which Spring Nielson responded that it ‘wasn’t a joke’.

According to the police report, published in Gephardt Daily, ‘the woman continued to receive text messages informing her that the wife was dead and not breathing’.

She then asked whether she should call an ambulance to couple’s Bluffdale home, to which a text came through saying: ‘Yes’.

The woman called 911, and police promptly arrived at Spring Nielson’s residence, demanding that the husband come outside.


The drug-addled parents of a two-month-old baby who died from a heroin and cocaine overdose have been charged with murder.

A grand jury indicted Eugene Chandler, 27, and 26-year-old Shaleigh Brumfield for homicide and child neglect on Tuesday, June 25 in Danville, Virginia.

Police say they received a call for help in November 2018 about an unresponsive baby and found baby girl unresponsive in the arms of Chandler.

Though there were no obvious signs of physical trauma to the infant, the department immediately began a death investigation.

The case was referred to the Western District Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Police said the toxicology results from the child’s system indicated enough heroin and cocaine to result in her death.

Police found evidence of drug use in the house and an autopsy ruled the baby girl’s cause of death was due to an ‘acute heroin and cocaine intoxication in a setting of co-sleeping.’

Chandler and Brumfield are being held in the Danville City Jail without bond.

An Albuquerque woman was filmed yelling obscenities at a police officer after she was arrested for allegedly riding her electric scooter in the wrong direction while intoxicated.

Lily Romero, 27, was the first resident of the New Mexico city who was arrested for DWI on an electric scooter – just days after the vehicles were legally allowed onto the town’s roadways.

Albuquerque rolled out its rent-a-scooter program operated by the Boston-based company Zagster.

Local laws require e-scooter riders to stay in bike lanes. Wherever there aren’t bike lanes, e-scooters must be ridden on sidewalks.

After being stopped, Romero told police that she was returning from a bar, where she drank two beers, KOB-TV reported.

In the police complaint, officers allege that they could smell alcohol on her breath.

In the video, the officer is seen trying to explain to Romero why she is being pulled over despite her not driving a car.

‘If I fail this I’m going to get a DWI? Is that what you’re saying?’

The officer replies that there will be an investigation and that her being charged is a possibility.

A baseball game between a group of 7-year-old kids degenerated into an all-out brawl with parents throwing haymakers, others cowering for cover and a woman even jumping on someone’s back. The reason for the brawl: a parent didn’t like the calls being made by a 13-year-old umpire. Police issued four citations for disorderly conduct, but said they are still searching for others involved in the fight.

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office was told a Limestone County man was keeping this “attack squirrel” in a cage and fed it methamphetamine to keep it aggressive. (Video courtesy of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office)

A man in Alabama has been arrested and another is on the run following a police raid where officers say they found methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and a caged ‘attack squirrel’ who had allegedly been fed meth to keep it aggressive, authorities revealed.

Ronnie Reynolds, 37, was arrested during the search in the 21000-block of Piney Chapel Road at 8:30am Monday, in Limestone County. The target of the raid, Mickey Paulk, 35, remains at large.

The property was stormed after cops reportedly received an anonymous tip that Paulk had been keeping a drug-fueled squirrel in a cage for protection purposes.

Three summer school students in Arizona were arrested Wednesday morning after they were allegedly found in possession of more than 3,200 pills of fentanyl, a potentially deadly synthetic opioid.

The students at San Luis High School were jailed and charged for drug possession and distribution charges, police said. Two of the students, Noemi Hernandez-Madrigal and Alessandra Cardenas-Hernandez, are both 18 and are being charged as adults. The third student, a 16-year-old male, will be charged as a minor.

Hernandez-Madrigal had three separate plastic zip-lock bags containing more than 3,200 blue M30 pills, also known as fentanyl, weighing a total of 373 grams, CBS affiliate KPHO reported.

Fentanyl is a fully synthetic opioid, originally developed as a powerful anesthetic for surgery. It is also administered to alleviate severe pain associated with terminal illnesses like cancer.

Illicitly produced fentanyl has been a driving factor in the growing opioid epidemic across the country. The rate of drug overdoses involving fentanyl skyrocketed by about 113% each year from 2013 through 2016.

“Even half a pill can kill someone. It’s happened before,” San Luis Police Lt. Marco Santana told KYMA. “We’ve had about 19 overdoses just this year alone. We’ve had about 16 in 2018 it’s obviously a very dangerous drug and there’s no control.”

Santana said each pill costs $15 on the black market.

Walhalla Police arrested a woman who they say was pushing a toy car along the side of a road while drunk.

It happened Monday around Noon on North Church and North Broad Streets.

Police say Megan Holman was pushing a power wheels toy car.

Holman told officers she wanted to be a professional wrestler just like her father and this was how to do it.

Holman was charged with public drunkenness.

She was booked into the Oconee Co. Detention Center and later released on a personal recognizance bond.


Andrew Charles Shinault, 23, told investigators Paloma Williams, 24, was using the pistol for ‘sexual gratification and arousal’ at his home in Valrico, Florida. He said that he was on the edge of the bed with Paloma between his legs when the apparent accident happened two weeks after they started dating. They both rubbed his 9mm Taurus pistol over one another before he says he accidentally pulled the trigger. He screamed for his parents to come upstairs to help him and was later arrested for manslaughter. Shinault admitted that they were both under the influence of drugs having taken meth two hours before the shooting.

Paloma is also said to have been on fentanyl, a powerful opioid drug. However, police say they have suspicions about his version of events because it is hard to accidentally trigger the pistol he alleged to have used. During a police search detectives found a hole in the TV which was behind Paloma at the time of the shooting. A spokesman for Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said: ‘Andrew Shinault shot a woman while engaging in an act of foreplay involving his registered handgun. ‘The woman, who was shot in the upper body, was transported to Brandon Regional Hospital where she later died.’

A Redwood City woman Sarah Jane Lockner, 27, accused of trying to drown a baby she had given birth to in a McDonald’s restroom will not serve time in prison, court documents show.

On Friday, Lockner was placed on four years supervised probation and one year in county jail with credit for time served. She was also ordered to complete parenting classes.

She took a plea deal in January after prosecutors initially charged her with attempted murder. She instead pleaded no contest to felony child endangerment.




A Florida man is claiming his First Amendment rights were violated after he was arrested Sunday for sporting an “I Eat Ass” sticker on his truck, which is apparently a violation of the state’s obscenity law.

According to the Lake City Reporter, 23-year-old Dillon Shane Webb was pulled over on Highway 90 after an officer with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office spotted his “I Eat Ass” sticker on the back of his Chevrolet truck.

Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine says his office is reviewing the district’s policies on how police interact with juveniles after a video surfaced this week of a police officer forcibly handcuffing a 9-year-old boy. The video, which aired on WTTG, shows an officer chasing after a small boy who was leaning against a car and apparently talked back to the officer. Racine called the video “obviously concerning.” It depicts the boy “being horse-collared by the officer,” DC Councilman Charles Allen told CNN. He said the video would cause “distrust and damage,” for the whole community’s relationship with law enforcement. A spokeswoman for DC’s Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to CNN that “MPD officers were in the vicinity during their normal patrol, making contact with residents when the incident occurred. The nine year-old boy was not charged with any crimes. As with all use of force incidents, this is currently under internal investigation.”


A drunk and shirtless Naples man was arrested at an Olive Garden Sunday after shoveling spaghetti into his mouth.

The police were called at an Olive Garden at 1565 5th St. South because 32-year-old Ben Padgett was “causing a disturbance,” according to a police report.

When cops arrived, they encountered a shirtless man sitting outside on a bench shoveling spaghetti into his mouth with his hands. The individual, identified as Ben Padgett, smelled like booze, the report said.

The caller, a worker at the eatery named Ronald Worst, told officers that Padgett had been loitering outside, then had come inside and began to cause a scene. Worst told cops that the individual began yelling at him, I could beat your a–,” and asking whether he had male or female sex organs.

The Twisted Tun Restaurant in Flordia was the scene of a bizarre crime.

Police say Jordin Castro, 25, slammed his face into the concrete before Jessica Williams, 27, slammed his face into her crotch.

A Twisted Tuna employee said a man identified as Castro, of Palm City, punched a valet in the face and attacked others.

The employee said he restrained Castro until law enforcement officials arrived.

The employee released Castro, who tried “to get up and start fighting but fell forward and slammed his face into the concrete,” records state.

Both were arrested.

An Ocala man was allegedly pictured performing disgusting sex acts on a dog.

The Ocala Police Department launched an investigation in late February after a woman gave them a cell phone that was found at a restaurant in Ocala. Police said the woman looked through the phone in hopes of identifying its rightful owner and came across “numerous disturbing images and text messages.”

The man in the photos was recognized by the woman as Jesse Allen, an employee at the restaurant.
Detectives later obtained copies of the video and photographs, which depicted dogs having sex with women and Allen engaging in various sex acts with a dog.

Allen admitted to engaging in sex acts with the dog “for some time,” when questioned by police detectives.


Police arrested two men after they took turns shooting one another while wearing a bullet-resistant vest. Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, were arrested Monday (April 1) in connection with an aggravated assault. They were released on a $5,000 bond and were issued a no-contact order from the Benton County Jail on Tuesday, April 2