Hilary Nolasco-Delobre, 18, and Davon Myles 26, are charged with breach of peace stemming from melee at Sarku Japan at Westfield Trumbull Mall

Tempers flared up this week at a Connecticut mall over portion sizes, leading at least two diners to physically attack an employee at a Japanese eatery.

The food fracas took place at the Westfield Trumbull Mall at around 4.30pm on Wednesday and was caught on video, which has been making its rounds on social media.

The video shows a man and a woman hurling trays and napkins and other items at staff working at Sarku Japan restaurant situated in the mall food court.

A violent rampage caught on surveillance camera shows a man destroying display counters and assaulting a security guard inside of a Bloomingdale’s in Connecticut.

The incident happened around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday at The SoNo Collection Mall on 100 Water Street in Norwalk.

Authorities say Justin Gilbertie entered the cosmetics department and started knocking down items and smashing display units.

One of the security guards confronted Gilberte, who allegedly punched the guard and continued to throw products.

Another security guard attempted to pepper spray Gilberte, but officials say it did little to stop the rampage.

When officers arrived at the scene, they were able to restrain Gilberte after a brief struggle.

He is charged with two counts of third-degree assault, criminal mischief, interfering with an officer, and breach of peace.

Officers say that a security guard and another person sustained minor injuries.

This was an isolated incident, and Bloomingdales is open for business, as is The SoNo Collection Mall.


“New York— On January 1, 2020, 10-year-old #MinaiiHenry lost her battle with #Osteoscarcoma She had only been diagnosed in early August 2019. While friends and family began to mourn, Minaii’s father had no idea his daughter was gone. Much like her sudden diagnosis, #LeonHenry was left out of his daughter’s last moments. By the time he found out from social media, arrangements had been made for viewings and a burial ceremony for Minaii without his knowledge or input. Despite being in the middle of a long and bitter custody battle, Leon was granted a court order which allowed him and his family access to Minaii’s viewings and burial. Yet when he arrived, he was met with resistance from the other side of Minaii’s family. In their determination to block Leon and his family from seeing Minaii, the maternal family formed a human barricade in front of the body and then, covered her with a blanket. Leon’s family called the police amidst threats of physical violence, racial slurs, and aggression from the maternal family members. However, the Staten Island NYPD were unsuccessful in enforcing Leon’s court order and eventually forced both families to leave. Since then, Leon was able to get a temporary injunction to halt Minaii’s burial without his approval. As of January 7th, the maternal family is still taking measures to bar Leon and his family from saying their last goodbyes.”

Pennsylvania State Police troopers are continuing to investigate an incident where a 2-year-old child was recorded inhaling from a vaping device.

The video of the incident started circulating on social media Sunday

The device is believed to have contained 3 percent nicotine and did not have any traces of THC.

The child did not display any ill effects, other than coughing, after inhaling the smoke.

Authorities notified the child’s parents, who were unaware of that the incident ever took place.

Authorities addressed the situation on Twitter, saying the Crime Investigation Unit are aware of the footage.

‘The Troop A, Indiana Criminal Investigation Unit is aware of a video and is investigating the related incident in which a 2-year-old child was given a vaping device,’ they wrote.

A homeless man with a lengthy criminal record was behind bars this week after he tried to kidnap a young girl from her mother’s arms at a Venice Beach pizzeria before being tackled by the victim’s uncle, according to police and the family.

The startling crime took place about 7 p.m. on Jan. 4, Los Angeles Police Department officials said.

Evan McLaurin-Nelson, 31, approached a woman who was with her child and told the mother that he knew the girl and needed to “save her,” police said in a written statement.

He then followed the mother until she sat down with her 6-year-old daughter in her lap.

McLaurin-Nelson grabbed for the girl, but was forcefully pushed away by a male family member, according to police and surveillance camera footage of the incident.

“Several seconds later, the suspect attempted to grab the girl again,” according to the statement. “This time, the victim’s family member was able to grab the suspect and throw him to the ground. He wrestled with the suspect for several minutes until LAPD Pacific Division officers responded and took the suspect into custody.”

It took six officers to subdue the man, who appeared to be intoxicated, family members said.


“According to the Sun, Chloe Davison, 19, was an aspiring model who relied on social media to feel good about herself, according to her older sister Jade. “She thought she wasn’t good enough unless she was getting loads of likes and comments,” her 20-year-old sister said. The selfie-loving teen hanged herself in her bedroom moments after she had been active on social media. After the girl started using social media several year ago, “all she would talk about was how many likes she got,” her mum Clair Reynolds, 44, said. “She was addicted to apps like Instagram and Snapchat,” said family friend Nick Coombs, 55, who had known Chloe since she was young. “She would spend hours taking the perfect photo, but would delete it later if it didn’t get popular enough,” Coombs added.

Chloe struggled socially at school and rarely went out with friends, instead of staying indoors and taking pictures of herself for social media. The pretty 19-year-old was often targeted by online trolls who would send her nasty messages and mocked her appearance. “Chloe was crying many nights because someone had said something horrible about her online,” her older sister Jade Davison told the news. On Friday night, Chloe’s mum and sister returned home from a bar around 11:30 pm and found the teenager hanging in her bedroom. Chloe had been taking selfies moments before she killed herself, according to Nick Coombs, 55, who was at the house when the brunette was found dead. “When we took her body down, her hair and makeup were still perfect,” Coombs said. “She was wearing some new lingerie that she’d been excited to model.” The girl’s mum, Clair Reynolds, said she blamed social media for what happened. “Social media took over Chloe’s life, whether that be Snapchat or Facebook.”


A divorced mother-of-four who arranged a deadly ‘medieval duel’ between her ex-husband and her lover to see which of her two admirers would win her hand is facing life behind bars.

Asta Juskauskiene, 35, left her husband Giedruis Juskauskas, when she started seeing Mantas Kvedaras, after meeting the 25-year-old online following his release from prison in Lithuania.

Mr Juskauskas was still in a physical relationship with his ex-wife despite their divorce in December 2018, while Kvedaras flew to the UK just five days before the murder to stay at Juskauskiene’s east London home.

Both men claimed her as their own so she decided to settle the argument with a fight to the death in an alleyway in Stratford – a duel that she meticulously arranged while at home looking after her children, the youngest of which she shared with Mr Juskauskas.

Kvedaras, who admitted murder, stabbed his love rival 35 times to his body, chest and neck on June 17 last year, leaving Mr Juskauskas to bleed to death at the scene.

Juskauskiene had conspiracy to murder and perverting the course of justice but was today convicted of the charges following a five week trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Juskauskiene stood expressionless in the dock wearing a grey chequered dress with a white blouse collar and as the verdict was delivered.


A twisted British woman allegedly disguised herself as a teenage boy to groom dozens of girls online — so she could sexually assault them. Gemma Watts, 21, of Enfield, North London, is accused of posing as 16-year-old “Jake Waton” on social media and swapping intimate photos with her teen victims before meeting up with them at multiple places across the country. Watts has pleaded guilty to sexual offenses involving four girls — three 15-year-olds and one only 14 — but police believe she may have assaulted as many as 50


A convicted sex offender who says he identifies as an eight-year-old girl will spend at least a decade in prison for dozens of images of child pornography found on his home computer.

Joseph Gobrick, 45, claims the images were computer-animated and protected under the First Amendment.

“I’ve always been an 8-year-old girl,’’ Gobrick said at sentencing. “And even my drawings and fantasies, I am always an 8-year-old girl.’’

But police said eight child victims were identified in the pornography recovered from Gobrick’s computer.

Some of the images depicted children between the ages of infant and five years old being sexually assaulted, court records show.

Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Daniel Helmer called Gobrick “a danger to the public.’’
“Even during the trial, the defendant continued to draw, talking about raping babies in the Kent County Jail and making other statements about how this is his constitutional right to continue to do so,” Helmer said.

Kent County Circuit Court Judge Paul Denenfeld recently sentenced Gobrick to between 10 and 20 years in prison.

“Based on everything he’s said and done, including bragging about what he was drawing in his cell, he obviously doesn’t think child sexually abusive material is wrong,’’ Denenfeld said. “This isn’t just virtual stuff; this is also real people being harmed.’’


The most prolific rapist ever caught in Britain, who spent more than a decade luring dozens of intoxicated men to his apartment before drugging and sexually assaulting them, has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty in four separate trials. Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of 159 counts of sexual offenses against 48 different men, and was served to life in prison.

On Monday, Kentucky State Police were called to a home on Open Fork Road for an animal cruelty complaint.

A neighbor told police Jonathan Watkins had killed two dogs, skinned them, and hung them off his front porch railing.

The neighbor told troopers Watkins went over to his house to ask for a cigarette when he noticed Watkins covered in blood.

The neighbor said Watkins told him, “I’ve been skinning dogs.”

The neighbor told KSP they didn’t believe Watkins because of past mental illness, but they did see four animal skins on Watkins’ front porch.

The neighbor said his two dogs were missing, and he believed another neighbor’s two dogs were missing.

When troopers talked to Watkins, they noticed he had a large hunting knife in a holster on his belt.

Troopers asked Watkins why he had blood on him. He told them, “I’m making myself a doggy coat.”

Watkins admitted to troopers that he killed his neighbors’ dogs, saying, “There isn’t anything wrong with me making myself a fur coat.”

TRACEY MILANOVICH, AGE 37, OF SOMERSET was charged by Somerset Police with stealing over $70,000 from a client of hers. (Photo courtesy Somerset Police Department)
SOMERSET — Chief George McNeil reports that the Somerset Police Department arrested and charged a woman who owns a palm reading business with stealing over $70,000 from a client of hers.


Obtaining Property Over $250 by Trick (Six Counts)
Larceny Over $1200
Intimidation of a Witness
MILANOVICH was arraigned on Monday, Dec. 30, at Fall River District Court.

MILANOVICH operated Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader out of a location on County Street. Anyone who believed they have been victimized by MILANOVICH is asked to contact Somerset Police Officer Donald Cormier at 508-679-2138.

On Dec. 17, Somerset Police launched an investigation into MILANOVICH after a resident reported that she tricked the resident into giving her large sums of money.

The subsequent investigation revealed that MILANOVICH convinced the victim that her daughter was possessed by a demon, and that cash and household items were needed in order to banish the spirit from her daughter.

MILANOVICH was found to have stolen approximately $71,000 from the victim and the victim additionally purchased multiple household items for her, like towels and bedding.

As a result of the investigation, conducted by Somerset Police Officer Cormier and Officer Lance Rhodes, an arrest warrant was obtained and MILANOVICH was placed under arrest on Dec. 27.

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

A Kansas police officer has resigned after admitting that he wrote ‘f**king pig’ on his own McDonald’s coffee cup and blamed a drive-thru employee, before his chief shared it on social media in a viral post.

The Herington police chief Brian Hornaday posted the image of the order ticket on Saturday and outraged locals called for a public apology from the fast food chain and for the employee to be fired.

But the restaurant branch said Monday they thoroughly reviewed security video ‘from every angle, which clearly shows the words were not written by one of our employees’.

Now the 23-year-old officer – who has not been named – said the stunt was ‘meant to be a joke’ according to Hornaday who made the announcement Monday. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

A Cape Coral man is facing charges after he punched and kicked gas pumps in Naples.

Collier County deputies arrested Hunter Bleich after they say he disturbed the peace at the Mobil gas station on Executive Drive in Naples.

Bleich is accused of kicking and punching gas pumps, as well as taking swings at equipment inside of a drive-thru car wash.

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One day last month, a young woman walked into a Tampa Amscot branch and tried to cash a $1 million cashier’s check.

Lin Helena Halfon was arrested earlier this month at Tampa International Airport. She is facing charges of money laundering, organized fraud, and exploitation of an elderly person. During her first court appearance, a judge set her bail at $1 million. She walked into a branch of Amscot and tried to cash a $1million cashier’s check, claiming it would allow her to buy a yacht. When the bank employees refused her, she left but came back later in the day with another three checks. Halfon’s husband, Tampa businessman Richard Rappaport, 77, was notified by investigators about the checks the following day. Rappaport allegedly told investigators that he wanted to give his wife the benefit of the doubt and did not want her to be deported to her native Israel.

The eyebrow-raising attempts sparked a criminal investigation that resulted in Halfon’s arrest last week on charges of money laundering, organized fraud and exploitation of an elderly person. During her first court appearance, a judge set her bail at $1 million.

A woman reported missing earlier this week in Raleigh County was arrested Friday for being a fugitive out of Virginia, the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office says.

Mary Cathleen Haley-Scott, 32, also is charged with obstructing an officer in West Virginia, the sheriff’s office says.

Scott was reported missing early this week by family.

Additional details are unavailable now. Keep checking the WSAZ app for the latest information.

“I was trying to help her,” said Haley-Scott’s friend Kristina Mussalam. “My heart just sank when I saw the message, and I just felt terrible.”

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s office is searching for Haley-Scott, who was reported missing on Sunday.

She was last seen in Raleigh County driving a blue 2020 Kia sedan with temporary Virginia license plates.

Mussalam was shocked when she heard the news.

“This has never happened to me before, and I’m just been doing everything I can to help find her,” Mussalam said.

Scott Albu, who shares regular conversations with her on Facebook, received messages from her account after she had been reported missing — with a graphic image of her face beaten.

“Actually I wrote back ‘unacceptable’ meaning the pictures were unacceptable (because) I don’t like to see that on anyone,” Albu said.

Whoever had taken over the account responded with another image of abuse.

Even though her friends and family don’t know who is behind this, they are desperate to find her.

Until that happens, Albu will always remember his last conversation with Haley-Scott.

“We did like rifts and stuff sending back and forth real quick and we were both laughing,” Albu said. “She said ‘thank you, you always make me smile.’ ”


A Fulton County woman who ran through a stop arm and struck four children getting on a school bus, killing three of them, learned her sentence Wednesday.

A judge sentenced 25-year-old Alyssa Shepherd, who was convicted of five criminal charges in October, to 10 years, with four years to be served in the department of corrections, and three years on home detention.

She will serve the remaining three years on probation.

Brittany Ingle, the mother of the two twin boys who were struck and killed, charged at Shepherd during the hearing, getting close enough to her to strike her in the neck or head.

She was walked out in handcuffs and preliminarily charged with misdemeanor battery.

She faced a maximum possible sentence of 21 1/2 years on three counts of Reckless homicide, one count of criminal recklessness and one misdemeanor count of passing a school bus with its stop arm extended, causing bodily injury.

Shepherd was apologetic in court as she was handed down her 10-year sentence.

‘This will be the hardest day of my life,’ Shepherd told the judge as emotions ran high in the court. She gave her apologies to the victims and told the court ‘her heart breaks for the families who feel the loss.’

Shepherd’s lawyer asked for a suspended sentence which means no time served behind bars. But the family of the victims asked for the maximum sentence of 21 and a half years behind bars.

Shepherd’s husband argued that the sentence would take a toll on their family if she served time in prison. The couple share two young children, according to WSBT.

The family of the three children killed countered saying they were already serving a life sentence that they didn’t ask for.

In the end the family of the victims were disappointed with the sentence.


Security camera footage shows a gas station attendant using a mop to fight off a robber in Russia’s Siberian Novosibirsk region, Saturday, December 14.

The robber used pepper spray to get to the cash register in the early hours of the morning, and then attempted to use the pepper spray again after the employee rushed into the gas station shop.

The woman quickly exited and came back wielding a mop, which she used to drive off the robber.

A school resource officer has been suspended after surveillance video captured him body-slamming a North Carolina middle-schooler to the ground twice while escorting him to along a corridor. The video taken at Vance County Middle School shows the sheriff’s deputy walking alongside the child, who is under the age of 12, before the deputy suddenly lifts the boy up and throws him to the ground, twice, before pulling the child back onto his feet and dragging him down the hall.


This article originally appeared on VICE US. If we were to unwrap a Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s and discover that it’s covered with two slices of cheese that we didn’t want, most of us would probably shrug and eat it anyway. Some of us would try to peel it off before it melted completely, and a few others might re-wrap the burger, take it to the counter and ask if we could swap it for a cheeseless version. Or, you could handle the situation the way that Cynthia Kissner and Leonard Werner did.


A 51-year-old man was sentenced to nine years in prison for brutally assaulting two children in Target store in Lodi, California. The surveillance video of the incident, which took place in August, was released for the time on Wednesday.

In the disturbing footage, the two young boys, whose identities have not been revealed, can be seen playing a video game in the electronics section. Jeff Hardcastle then comes up from behind and hits the 11-year-old.

He also delivered a sucker-punch to a 5-year-old in the face. The intensity of the blow sent the youngster to the floor.

The 11-year-old was then seen rushing to help, pulling the smaller child to safety.

The city of Tampa parking division is working on a list this holiday season, and you don’t want to be on it. The city is flagging unpaid citations – no matter how long ago – and mailing out bills.

Just ask Joe Reeser. He says he was stunned to receive a bill for a citation dated 87 months ago.

“I don’t really know if this is a real ticket, if I ever paid the ticket, if I ever got the ticket,” Reeser said.

He called the city and says he was told his name was flagged in a parking system review to identify unpaid tickets.

He calls this unfair.

“The policy is wrong,” he said. “I don’t know how many other people they’re dinging on this. What’s to say that tomorrow they don’t send me something from 15 years ago?”

He paid the $40 citation and then turned to Better Call Behnken to get answers.

City officials say they changed from a manual to an automated system around 2012 and some old citations fell through the cracks.

They reviewed Reeser’s situation and said their records show they originally sent the citation in 2012 to Reeser’s finance company because the vehicle was a lease.

Reeser says if that’s true, no one forwarded that citation to him.