A father is outraged, saying Lancaster School District failed his son, who has autism.

Trevor Hibbert took to Facebook to post footage of his son in handcuffs in severe distress in the back of a police car.

Hibbert said his son has autism and had a meltdown at school and had to be restrained. He doesn’t blame law enforcement for the situation, but rather school administrators, who he said let the situation get out of hand.

Hibbert says the school and the district are to blame. He says administrators at Endeavour have been negligent in following the IEP, or individualized education program, the district had in place for Abraham in elementary school. The IEP called for a trained one-on-one aide for Abraham while at school.

According to Hibbert, the aide at Endeavour is sometimes replaced by a non-trained school employee, and that the district should have drafted an updated IEP for Abraham before the new year.

A statement released by the Lancaster School District superintendent read:

“While we cannot comment on all of the details of this child’s services, we all agree that the incident that occurred yesterday is highly regrettable for everyone involved and we will continue to work with the family to support this child.”

Abraham’s father says Monday’s incident is the third time his son has left campus since school started in August. Each incident followed what Abraham’s father calls a “meltdown,” during which Abraham requires space and time to calm down. Instead, Hibbert said school staff has cornered Abraham, prompting him to want to escape.

It was after one of these incidents that Hibbert said the school requested an involuntary psychiatric hold for Abraham that landed the boy in a mental hospital. Hibbert says Endeavour’s administrator has to go.

“They need administrators, not just one-on-one aides, not just special-education teachers, but administrators who understand the scope of autism and what it means and how those children react,” he said.


The Sheriff’s Office stated the deputy pulled Aaron Thomas, 31, and Megan Mondanaro, 35, over at 870 Sadler Road and stated there was a strong odor of an alcoholic drink emitting from both of them.

Elyes Castillo, 45, is charged with aggravated sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, witness tampering and having sex while she had a venereal disease without the informed consent of the alleged victim, the criminal complaint says.

Police found out about the alleged abuse after Castillo got into a fiery argument last month with her own children who are aged 13 and 14.

The confrontation became so heated that the children’s father contacted child protective services and told them that Castillo had allegedly abused them.

Police then started investigating sex abuse claims.

The boy told investigators that he met Castillo last year when he was in the sixth grade.

In the complaint, the boy said he and Castillo had encounters on multiple occasions at Castillo’s Pavonia Avenue residence, with the last incident occurring on Aug. 2, and that they performed multiple sex acts. A warrant for her arrest was signed on Aug. 29 and she was then taken into custody.

OHIO: Brooke Skylar Richardson cried as the jury handed down a not guilty verdict in the 2017 death of her newborn daughter. The jury found Richardson not guilty of aggravated murder, not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, not guilty of child endangerment and guilty of abuse of a corpse. The jury, comprised of seven women and five men, reached a verdict in less than five hours on Thursday.

Victoria Frabutt was arrested at the couple’s home on Murdoch Road outside of Newport.

In court this morning, the woman sobbed when addressing the judge and held her head down during a first appearance. She is charged with malicious castration and kidnapping.

In the 911 call, Frabutt told the operator a pruner was used. The operator asked what kind of pruner. “Actually it’s good for pruning roses,” Frabutt replied.

The woman referred to James Frabutt as her soon to be ex.

911 asked her if he was seriously bleeding. “Oh no,” said Frabutt. “Like I said, I couldn’t even get enough blood to make the sign of the cross, or write sinner, or anything like that.”

On the call, the woman was evasive when asked about specific injuries. 911 asked where he was bleeding from. “That would be his favorite part of himself,” Frabutt replied.

Deputies have not said anything about a motive but in the 911 call, the woman gave some clues when 911 asked what caused his physical pain. “That would be part of the message against sinning against God and fornication,” she was heard saying on the call


A 17-year-old girl has been arrested in Florida after she allegedly stole her parents debit card in an attempt to pay two people to kill them, according to local authorities.

An arrest affidavit from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office details that Alyssa Michelle Hatcher was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation for murder.

Detectives from the Lake County Sheriffs Office have arrested 17-year-old Alyssa Hatcher on two counts of Criminal Solicitation for Murder. As the investigation progressed it was learned that the suspect Alyssa Hatcher solicited two different individuals to kill her parents.

According to investigators the juvenile suspect stole her parents debit card and made two separate transactions withdrawing funds to pay the individuals to carry out the murder.
The juvenile suspect was placed in custody and transported to the Lake County Jail where she was processed and turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Sgt. Fred Jones

She was arrested on Monday by the Umatilla Police Department.


A witness says it all started after the customer complained about his food order being incorrect. One of the employees at the McDonald’s apparently took exception and confronted the customer. The employee is escorted away by another employee, but the customer then moves toward the pair. It is not certain if he said anything, but then the employee comes back, puts the man in a choke hold and then punches him.

Despite the woman’s screams for help, nobody appeared to come to her aid. A man who did not wish to be named, heard the woman’s cries from inside his home and checked the camera at the front of his property after the incident.

He added: “I have daughters, so I hope they catch him because that’s not cool. Trying to snatch up young girls out there.” Kate Gonsalves, who lives nearby said she was appalled that the woman’s echoing screams appeared to go unheard. She applauded her quick-thinking, saying “I think she did everything right”.


A vegan woman filed a lawsuit against her meat-cooking neighbours, and now a cookout has been planned in her honour — right outside her home. The Australian woman, who works as a massage therapist, said they were deliberately interrupting her garden time by barbecuing meat, smoking outdoors and letting their kids play basketball. Now, thousands of people have marked themselves as “attending” a community cookout outside this woman’s home called called event “Community BBQ for Cilla Carden” on Oct. 19.

Recently, a father was beyond shocked after watching footage from his NEST home security camera. Jason Cooper, from Playa Vista hired a man to repair his floors but was horrified when he witnessed the man in his young daughters room, rummaging through their dirty laundry hamper. Cooper, the father of a 3 year old and 5 year old daughter said he was beyond outraged when he witnessed the footage from the nanny cam. The man can be seen closing the blinds in the room after making several trips to the dirty laundry hamper and at one point appears to sniff the child’s underwear. The man is later seen stuffing the underwear into his pockets before leaving the home. The family has already contacted police and filed a report and are awaiting the results of their investigation.

Jasmine Tridevil, who is filed under Alisha Jasmine Hessler by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department in Tampa, Florida, was arrested early Monday morning and had an alcohol level of .18, more than double Florida’s legal limit of .08.

The 21-year-old was released on a $500 bond later that day, according to her arrest report.

Tridivel, better known as the three-boobed woman, made headlines in September after she posted pictures of her third breast on social media, claiming she had surgery in order to appear unattractive to men and hopefully star on a reality show.

Although her claim to fame turned out to be a hoax, Tridivel released a totally NSFW music video(Link below) earlier this month that only a Floridian could come up with: she sings and flaunts her third breast, while wearing with ram horns, to her song “Born to Serve.”


Houston police are searching for a group of people who demanded Popeyes chicken sandwiches at gunpoint Monday night. Authorities say three men and two women stormed the front door of the restaurant just before 9 p.m. on Monday. They had just been told at the drive-through window that the store was sold out of the popular sandwiches. At least one male suspect pulled a gun, police said. An employee was able to lock the doors before the five could get inside. The group left a baby inside their vehicle as they tried to enter the restaurant. There were no injuries reported


Everyone was pretty upset this week when we all learned that the viral chicken sandwich that Popeyes was selling had already sold out – but no one was more upset than a Tennessee man who has sued the company. The man claims he had spent “countless hours” having to find something else to eat after the restaurant ran out of its chicken sandwich this week. His reason for suing? They “wasted his time.”.


OKLAHOMA CITY – A man accused of secretly recording video of a “staggering” number of victims in their homes and in public places pleaded guilty to the crimes and was given a life sentence Wednesday.

Ryan Alden said afterward that he thinks he probably deserved the sentence for what he did.

He was working for a company that installed security systems in peoples’ homes. When the investigation began, cameras were found hidden in a Nichols Hills family home and an Oklahoma City family’s home. The cameras were installed behind vents pointing into the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms.

In his sentence hearing, a prosecutor with the state said investigators searched his computers and cell phones and found countless videos of more victims, many yet to be identified. An officer with the Edmond Police Department testified that there was enough video to fill 12 spindles of compact discs.

The videos were not only from other cameras in family’s bedrooms and bathrooms, but Alden was allegedly taking secret video up women’s skirts at restaurants, athletic centers, even churches around the Oklahoma City metro area.


It seems obvious that drinking Red Bull will not actually “give you wings” as stated in the company’s famous slogan. But those who felt misled by the energy drink’s advertising may be able to get some compensation for not experiencing enhanced performance after consuming the beverage. The company has agreed to pay $850,000 after settling a Canadian class-action lawsuit filed by Michael Attar in February 2019. The case is based on a similar US class action settlement filed in 2013 by a pair of consumers who claimed that drinking Red Bull does not give you “wings” or result in improved performance