What’s the first thing you want to do when you get new boobs? That’s right! Show everyone! Well, if you’re 32-year-old Lindsey Radomski, that’s what you want to do, anyway. And she did.
Yes, Lindsey, a yoga instructor, got inebriated at a bar mitzvah and couldn’t wait to show off her new breasticles to any and all comers.
While at the event with roughly 100 guests, she flashed them to a group of five adults. They were wholly unimpressed and advised her not to do it again.
When seeing that her new works of artificial art weren’t being properly appreciated, she turned her attention and focus to those who might appreciate them more; a group of ‘juveniles’ out by the pool.
Seven boys, ranging in age from 11 to 15, were then allowed to ogle and fondle her at will in a bedroom after most guests had either fallen asleep or gone home.
It’s also alleged that she performed oral sex on the last boy to leave – a 15-year-old. She was arrested Tuesday after his parents reported the incident to the police.
Lindsey told the police that she was too drunk to remember much about the night, but did admit to showing off her new breasts.

She has been charged with sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse, and indecent exposure.