If 30-year-old married Spanish teacher Kathryn Ronk had asked herself “Would you do 15 years in the pen to have sex with this guy?” she’d now have her answer – and that answer would be a resounding 'yes.' And this 'guy' would be 15 years old and one of her students. Well, former students; she’s been fired.
Ms. Ronk was arrested last June for having sex with the student, who hasn’t been identified, at Bishop Foley High School in Michigan.
Turns out Kathryn had had sex with the student at least five times in the Madison Heights school, doing so in her classroom between classes and during breaks in her schedule.

Both the principal of the school, Reverend Gerry LeBoeuf, and the student’s parents had filed the complaint with police.

Promptly fired from her position, which she’d held since the beginning of the school year last year, Kathryn originally faced life in prison for what some argue isn’t abuse, but a rite of passage for the young man, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges of criminal sexual misconduct.

Appearing remorseful and somber, Ronk told the court, “I’m so sorry for the victim and his family, for the school and the community, my family. I’m so sorry for my husband. With treatment, I’m getting better. I know I have to go away, but this is a lifelong journey, and I am meeting it. I’m so sorry for those who I have hurt,” she said, among other things, while then sobbing.

The victim wrote in a statement, “I might be fine in four years, and I might have issues in four years.”

Circuit Court Judge Nanci Grant had this to say: “You don’t know what you did to him, and he may not realize it for years to come. 'Fifteen is fifteen. He’s still a boy figuring out the ways in the world.”

With the trial, slated to begin March 31st of this year, Ronk still faces further charges, including rape and engaging in sexually abusive activity with a child. As of now, however, she’ll be eligible for parole in five and a half years.